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We are dedicated to providing you and your colleagues with an immersive team building experience where everyone will be engaged in unique and competitive challenges that they can't experience anywhere else. We combine team building exercises with a social atmosphere, that truly focuses on everyone building camaraderie and having a wonderful time!

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Game Changers

Competition, camaraderie, & daring twists on games you love
Bocce Heat
A two-hour immersive experience which includes trivia, puzzles and physical challenges to stop the ever-so-clever Rosebud, the villain of all villains!

All squads are welcome to join in this entertaining challenge of wit and creative problem solving in our mobile escape-room team building challenge.

We will aid all the participants by creating equally divided teams and orchestrating the entire event.


There will be a customized package of tools and directions for each team that are essential to their success.


Everything needed to reach the finish line and win the competition will be found in these packages, or will it?

Do you have what it takes to beat the evil villain Rosebud and the fellow competitors? Only limited time will tell.

Good luck and may the best team win!

15–250 players

$795 for first 24 players

$25 per additional player



CoreWorkz orchestrates a wide variety of activities that can be tailored to suit groups of all sizes.


Our most popular team building bundles are incorporated into a few traditional games but are played in ways unlike any other.


These exclusive team building packages combine well known gaming activities with new challenges that encourage teamwork and communication within the competitive play.


Who We Are

I started my career in hospitality where I worked at the Sheraton on Harbor Island San Diego and the transferred to the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco. I was in hospitality for nearly a decade and my vice is making others happy. I get the most joy from interacting with people of all different backgrounds and establishing positive relationships. Throughout my experiences, I have developed an expertise in delivering beyond Expectations. Event planning is my passion and I will do everything possible to assure all planned events are successfully and a ton of fun!

Sales & Events Manager

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"Thank you for making my job as a coordinator much easier!

Our company had a wonderful time. Colin kept everyone going and participating! It was a great team building event, and I can't wait to use CoreWorkz again!"
—Marcella B.

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